Wellness Shot

This is another balanced shot in both favour and nutrition. Turmeric is the healing root and is packed with anti-inflammatory benefits. With this shot we have your back and it will keep you fighting....

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Wake Up Shot

This little wonder is packed with raw lemon and ginger to soothe your sinuses and kick start your digestion. Its high in antioxidant powers that clean the blood, and ushes out the toxins stored in your body....

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Sunrise Smoothie

The perfect breakfast smoothie with low sugar fruit, probiotic yoghurt and added oats to provide sustainable energy. Your body is a temple, but it...

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Very Berry Smoothie

This light refreshing juice has a zing of ginger and earthy notes of carrot and beetroot complimented with the sweet oranges and Carrot. The beetroot will boost your energy levels and help purify the blood. <p class="mb-25"...

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Lemon Fruity water

This is our version of a homemade lemonade. Refresh and hydrate w...

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Strawberry Fruity Water

You can’t go wrong with the classic combination of strawberries and lime! This is the perfect summer drink, and has a light sweetness to it. We...

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